AT&T plans to deliver fiber internet to Charleston and Greenville

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The South Carolina Broadband Office announced a project with AT&T* to expand AT&T Fiber to more than 9,000 additional customer locations in Greenville and Charleston.

In Greenville, AT&T has been selected to build AT&T Fiber to nearly 2,500 customer locations in a project valued at $12.3 million.

In Charleston, the plan calls for AT&T Fiber to be delivered to nearly 6,900 customer locations in a project valued at $10.5 million.

Plans call for residents and businesses to have access to the fastest internet delivering up to 5-Gig speeds1 and 25X faster upload speeds2 and more upload bandwidth than cable.3 Faster speeds and increased bandwidth mean customers can connect multiple devices, stream multiple entertainment sources, quickly upload content to social media and experience ultra-low lag for pro-level gaming – all at the same time.

Extensive planning and engineering work for this project will begin immediately. The network buildout is expected to be complete by the end of 2024.

Read the full press release here.


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