Render's Sam Pratt on using tech to streamline fiber network builds

NASHVILLE – Fiber Connect 2022 – Sam Pratt, CEO of Render Networks, joined Light Reading to discuss how the company's network construction platform is helping accelerate fiber deployments.

"A construction crew wants to be as productive as they can possibly be. They need to know where they need to go, what they need to have on the truck on the way there in terms of fiber and what have you, and the data that they need to capture in order to get paid and move on to that next task and next activity," said Pratt.

Render's role in that process is "bringing geospatial technology into the construction domain," thereby "eliminating rework and improving visibility and control for the operator," he added.

Here are just a few topics discussed in this video:

  • Background on Render Networks and its customers (00:50)
  • How Render's geospatial tech accelerates the "three phases" of network deployment (02:20)
  • Training for using Render's technology platform (04:25)
  • Render's work with electric cooperatives (06:00)
  • What IFM Investors' $40 million stake in Render means for the company (07:20)

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— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading; and Nicole Ferraro, Site Editor, Broadband World News

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