Omdia's Jaimie Lenderman on the rise of global gigabit offerings

NASHVILLE – Fiber Connect 2022 – Jaimie Lenderman, principal analyst at Omdia, met up with Light Reading at last week's Fiber Connect conference to share the results of a recent Omdia survey showing that gigabit offerings are on the rise across the globe. She also discussed how new fiber distribution models are changing the industry and the role of private and public funding in driving gigabit growth.

"That is a big driver we're seeing in several markets across the globe around closing the digital divide," she said. "It's not just going to drive gigabit services at this time, but it's going to help with that last-mile build, and that's what's going to enable gigabit service in the future."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading; and Nicole Ferraro, Site Editor, Broadband World News

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