Brecis Unveils 'Multiservice Processor'

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- BRECIS Communications, a communications company focused on leading-edge, broadband multi-service network processor architectures for the "last mile," today unveiled the world's first "Multi-Service ProcessorT" (MSP) architecture. The BRECIS architecture is expected to make possible a new class of powerful but cost-effective network processors that uniquely enable multiple, diverse applications such as voice telephony, video, and data to be delivered to customer premises with the requisite levels of quality of service.

The BRECIS Multi-Service Processor is particularly ideal for the integrated access equipment that will be required in enterprises or small offices to "break out" from the multi-service digital data stream various combinations of voice telephony channels, high-speed Internet access, and a variety of other planned services such as streaming video.

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