Earnings reports

Boring Season

4:30 PM -- Is it just me or are earnings calls getting mind-numbingly boring?

These jargon-plagued cheerleading sessions no longer leave any leeway for critical discussion or even surprise. Sarbanes-Oxley means most "dangerous" disclosures come out ahead of time accompanied by legal boilerplate. Overzealous Investor Relations staff have hand-picked the "analysts" who are allowed to speak on calls, ruling out the possibily of any real issues being probed.


I propose that technology companies be required to have a live version of the quarterly conference on site at the corporate HQ. Stadium seating. The CEO is required to be there. Public invited. There must be a press box. Maybe they could could sell beer and popcorn.

Add a few hecklers ("Throw the bum out!") and things get more interesting. Maybe even, after some particular bad numbers, a few CFOs would get body-checked by investors.

— R. Scott Raynovich, Editor in Chief, Light Reading

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