Boingo Bets on VOIP

CHICAGO – Supercomm – Hotspot startup Boingo Wireless Inc. is betting that wireless LAN will become a hot item for cellphones within the next couple of years and that it will be able to make seamless roaming between 802.11 and 3G networks a reality.

Meeting with Unstrung today at the massive Supercomm tradeshow, Boingo's president David Hagan laid out his firm's strategy for allowing fast, unobtrusive transfers between WiFi and cellular networks in both consumer and corporate environments (see Voice Over 802.11: Talkin' Loud; Sayin' Something? for more on the voice-over-WLAN technology).

Hagan reckons the demand for integration between separate wireless networks will be driven, in part, by wired and wireless carriers that want to cut costs by implementing VOIP on their networks.

Read how he plans to enable that at Unstrung.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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