Bluetooth Hits the High Seas

Avast Matey!

Cambridge Silicon Radio plc (CSR) is taking Bluetooth out on the high seas.

Yep, in one of the more surreal marketing stunts of our times, the chip designers announced today that they intend to sail across the Atlantic in a beautiful, Bluetooth-enabled boat. CSR's 41-foot yacht, the "Honey Wild" will set sail from Florida on May 6, stopping in Bermuda and the Azores along the way, before finally arriving in Portugual in June.

Readers of a historical bent will know that what at first sign looks like a blatant exercise in marketing masturbation is actually part of a proud nautical tradition, since the short-range wireless technology (1 Mbit/s, 30 feet over 2.4GHz) was named after a tenth century Viking king of questionable dental hygiene, Harald Bluetooth. Sadly, CSR doesn't say which hapless villages they plan to pillage and raze to the ground on their epic voyage.

In fact, the firm's press release is distinctly short on the details of what broadswords and axes the crack team of techies will be bringing with them. Instead, they say that they will have a "Bluetooth-enabled Global Positioning System" (although given Bluetooth's 30-foot range its unclear how well it will work).

Steering via Bluetooth, eh? By Odin's beard, watch out for that iceberg!

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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lrmobile_iskandar 12/5/2012 | 12:06:11 AM
re: Bluetooth Hits the High Seas such as the one from emtac (http://www.emtac.com.tw/produc... don't you think?
joset01 12/5/2012 | 12:06:10 AM
re: Bluetooth Hits the High Seas Apparently they have a GPS system in the boat that connects to a laptop with navigation software onboard via Bluetooth and if they wish to steer the boat on deck they can connect back to the laptop using Bluetooth-enabled PDAs. Or they steer by the thunder of Thor's mighty hammer, something like that.

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