Blu-ray Never Sleeps

5:00 PM -- Here's what's been happening over at Contentinople:

  • As reported last week, Kontiki has gone solo, following two years with VeriSign, which backs away (slo-o-owly) with $1M and shares.

  • CBS lays out its online plan of attack: "extend and embrace." The network has focused on creating online communities, which it will continue to do while it constructs interactive online components for TV shows.

  • On the online video monetization front, RedLasso, "passionate friend of the media empire," facilitates the searching, editing, and embedding of TV and video clips online. "In talks" with broadcasters, the company offers revenue sharing for those with the highest traffic.

  • DCIA kicks off P2P Best Practices, with on-board ISPs and content providers virtuously promising to change their traffic-manipulating ways.

And pop by News Bits for details on another failed round of SAG-studio negotiations, $100,000/second Super Bowl ads, and Neil Young's release of Blu-ray discs.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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