Blind Research & Bad PR

12:45 PM -- Strange things can happen when you commission a poll to find out how well you're doing.

Gamma Telecom Ltd. sent this jewel along a couple of days ago:

In a resent independent ‘blind’ research activity conducted on behalf of Gamma Telecom, UK resellers put Gamma in the top spot when it comes to service, provisioning, accuracy of billing and support… The outcome of the results was surprising even for Gamma, putting Gamma ahead of its UK altnet peer group in almost every question and in some measures scoring number 1 position for in excess of 50% of respondents.

One wonders what the release would have read like if Gamma had come in dead last. Would it have apologized to its customers and fired the polling company? Would it have spelled "recent" correctly in the first sentence?

Who knows? Meanwhile, the surprises just keep on coming for Gamma:

Commenting on the results, Bob Falconer Gamma Group COO said “what was more surprising than the fantastic results themselves was the overwhelming comment received from the resellers that ‘they were surprised a UK Alternative Network Operator (AltNet) even bothered to carry out the survey – they thought nobody cared what they thought’.

If it was a " 'blind' research activity," how did the resellers know that a U.K. operator was behind the whole thing? And were the resellers surprised that their opinions mattered, or were they just surprised that someone was carrying out a survey?

It doesn't matter. The only reason this came to our attention was the subject line of the email: "Gamma tops pole"

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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