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The Notebook Dump: Ghosts, ghouls and zombies of telecom

In the Halloween edition of The Notebook Dump, Light Reading editors walk through the digital cemetery looking for gadget zombies and technologies that still haunt us.

Phil "be-headitor-and-chief" Harvey, Kelsey "Spooooky" Ziser, Jeff "Plain Ol' Senior Editor" Baumgartner, and Nicole "Future Ghost" Ferraro discuss the return of Google Glass augmented reality (AR) glasses, the impending doom facing the Slingbox, and the memory of Aereo's streaming live-TV service.

If you want to skip around and listen, here are a few more things covered in this interview:

  • Google Glass returns so watch out for the zombie hoard of "glassholes." (01:30)
  • Slingbox is soon to become a phantom. (05:40)
  • Nextel Walkie Talkie phones haunt Queens. (09:10)
  • Aereo gave Nicole the means to broadcast Broadway over broadband. RIP, Aereo. (10:14)
  • Totinos?! (12:20)
  • HP Photosmart eStation was a Frankenstein mashup of a tablet and printer. Also, Phil hates multifunction consumer printers, which are "a terrible idea" and "hot garbage." (13:40)
  • Why Boxee Box "gave the cable guys some headaches." (21:13)

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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