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Sandvine's Samir Marwaha on helping networks deal with Big Tech's traffic

Samir Marwaha is chief strategy officer at Sandvine, an application and network intelligence company. He spoke to Light Reading's Iain Morris at the Big 5G Event in Austin, Texas, about application classification and how service providers determine what traffic is going through their networks.

"We recently released a global Internet phenomenon report ... about the trends on the Internet. For the first time the Big Six technology providers, it's the standard Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix [etc] are now over 50% of Internet traffic.

"They were like 43% or so in 2019 and 2021 ... [to] 57% in two years, that's a pretty big jump, and we see the application usage going up and hence the need for solutions like ours to determine what's going through those networks. And to be able to monetize it and to make the experience better."

— Iain Morris, International Editor, Light Reading

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