Big Moby Happy Meal

9:30 AM -- Reuters reports that a Japanese restaurant has added an item to its menu a "380 yen ($3.50) slice of fried minke whale in a bun..."

    "The taste and texture are somewhere between beef and fish," said Lucky Pierrot manager Miku Oh. "People in Hakodate have a long history of eating whale, so customers are looking forward to trying it...

    "We are not going out to catch whales because we want to eat them, we are just using up meat from whales that have been killed for experiments," Oh said.
Japan has recently announced plans "to expand its scientific whale hunt to an annual catch of 900 minke whales..."

In spite of the experiment having been replicated 176,314,004 times, scientists are still divided on the Beef vs. Fish question.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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