Big Foot Buffaloed

11:30 AM -- The Environmental News Network reports that so-called scientists have shattered yet another beautiful dream:
    Researchers said Thursday that a mysterious clump of hair found in the Yukon Territory is from a North American bison and not from the elusive ape-like sasquatch, or Big Foot, said to haunt the woods of western Canada.

    "The DNA profile of the hair sample we received from the Yukon earlier this week clearly matches reference DNA profiles from North American bison," said David Coltman, a wildlife geneticist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

    "However, if you're a believer, we haven't disproved there is a Big Foot out there," Coltman said.
Damn. I was hoping it might prove to be my long-lost Uncle Ralph. But then, I'm a Believer.

— Larry, Attack Monkee, Light Reading

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