Bible Study

11:30 AM -- If you're going to commit a crime in Ohio, just be sure to have your Bible crib sheet and a No. 2 pencil, says SFGate:

    A man arrested on Wednesday for allegedly trying to use a stolen credit card at a drugstore got a break from a judge after passing a sort of Bible quiz.

"OK son, spell GOD."
"Uh, can you use it in a sentence...?"

    When Eric Hine appeared in court this morning, his attorney described him as a church-goer, hoping the judge would set a low bond.

    Burlew was satisfied and released Hine on a $10,0000 appearance bond, meaning he'll have to pay that amount if he doesn't show up for his next court date.

Rumor has it, if he memorizes a hymn or two, they'll let him charge the bond on the stolen credit card.

— Red, God Fearing Panda, Light Reading

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