Better Dead Than Red?

2:30 PM -- Some of you may have noticed that Light Reading has an adorable new animal pal, called the Ginger Panda, or some such thing, onboard.

And I have to say -- as a devoted pet owner -- that this gives me cause for concern. You see, apart from the bloody monkey, LR doesn't exactly have a stellar record regarding the comfort and care of its furry friends.

Consider the historie tragique of one Bob the Beaver, if you require further evidence. The buck-toothed mascot for Byte and Switch served up gossip to the site's delighted readers for nearly a year. But, in a horrific turn of fate, the creature itself got served, and replaced with a frankly sub-par octopod.

It would be a shame indeed, were a similar accident to befall the red rodent.

Just sayin'.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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