BellSouth Launches Quadruple-Play Promotion

Look out cable operators, BellSouth has rolled out an aggressive 'quadruple-play' marketing campaign for a package of voice, video, data and mobile services. BellSouth is offering up to $175 cash back to customers that sign up for its full bundle, called BellSouth Answers. The offering bundles BellSouth FastAccess DSL, DIRECTV satellite video service, BellSouth Unlimited long distance and local phone service, as well as Cingular Wireless mobile communications. Details on the BellSouth Answers consumer offer are at http://www.bellsouth.com/consumer/answers/answerspromo.html?src=rql The teloco says BellSouth Answers offers customers savings of up to $10 per month for each additional full-featured service package they take in the bundle, delivering a combined savings of up to $400 a year. This is on top of the cash-back offer.

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