BellSouth Drops DSL Prices, Pushes Voice-Data Bundles

Now that cable operators are rolling out IP phone services, the telcos are crafting more aggressively priced voice and data bundles. Take BellSouth, which announced this week it is dropping some of its DSL service prices. At the top of the list is its FastAccess DSL Ultra service, which will decrease by $7 per month, from $50 to $43, for both new and existing customers. FastAccess DSL Ultra includes downstream connection speeds up to 1.5Mbps and upstream speeds up to 256Kbps. BellSouth is aggressively pushing the service in conjunction with its BellSouth Unlimited long distance plan (at $20-$25 per month), which is only available with its Complete Choice local phone service bundle (at $30-$35 per month). For customers that take both products, FastAccess DSL Ultra DSL is only $32.95 per month. On a promotional basis, this DSL service is available with the long distance plan for only $17.95 per month for the first six months for new subscribers. In an apple-to-apples comparison, BellSouth's FastAccess DSL Ultra, Unlimited long distance and Complete Choice local phone service totals bundle are about the same as unlimited cable voice-data bundles, at about $83 per month, plus taxes and regulatory surcharges.
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