Bananas From Space

11:15 AM -- Toronto's CTV Website brings news of yet another menace from that giant frigid beaver on our doorstep:

    A Montreal artist wants to construct an enormous banana that would float over Texas, but critics say the project isn't worth government funding.

    Cesar Saez conceived the project, called "Geostationary Banana Over Texas," and prefers to let the art speak for itself.

    When asked why he would want a helium-inflated 300-metre banana to hover above Texas for a month, he simply told CTV Montreal: "Texas is as symbolic as the banana."

    Then he added: "The banana has a lot of symbolism: phallic, humour, and political, too."
Not sure exactly what he means there, but there's clearly only one possible response to this imperialist threat from the North: Unleash the Giant Space Monkey!

— Larry, Homeland Defense Monkey, Light Reading

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