Bad PR 2006

5:10 PM – From The Philter's We're Not Done Making Lists Yet file, we'd like to present five of the most embarrassing PR items we ran during 2006. This list includes two bad pitches, one silly survey disclaimer, one errant email, and one honey of a conflict of interest:
  • Jan. 2006: The Boxes Are Quiet -- "Trite is out. Pithy is in."

  • Mar. 2006: The Sonus Short Leash -- "… we'll continue to keep Sullivan on a short leash for outreach and will alert you immediately when he has financial-related questions."

  • Jun. 2006: Rural = Stupid? -- "In rural and small communities, the phone system consists of tin cans connected by twine."

  • Aug. 2006: Nommunication is Power -- "There is also the question of inter-question validity, with no certainty that a respondent's answer to one question is consistent with their answer to another."

  • Sept. 2006: A Front Page Story -- "We can guarantee publicity in many broadband wireless magazines dedicated to the broadband wireless industry."

I opted not to include all the stupidity we collected from Jeff Pulver and his goof troop over the past year. That stuff probably needs to be in a category all its own. (For samples, see Inhospitable Hospitals, Pulver's $200 Question, VON-age, and Spring Into VON.)

— Phil Harvey, Person of the Year, Light Reading

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:17:10 PM
re: Bad PR 2006 This one almost made the cut, but the mistake is so commonplace, I wonder if it even was worth noting the first time around:


sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:17:10 PM
re: Bad PR 2006 I've found the kids at BitePR to be helpful and professional, so I might overlook being called Malcom.

My favorite is the fact that Mark Sullivan is kept "on a short leash." Mark, if Sonus invites you to the Folsom Street Fair, you'd be wise to decline.
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