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Azimuth Speaks Up

Wireless LAN startup Azimuth Systems Inc. has added a new module to its testing platform that the firm says should help customers test voice-over-WLAN (VOWLAN) and other network-centric applications.

Azimuth claims its new Radio Frequency Port Module (RFPM) is unique because -- by linking multiple access points and client devices inside its W-Series test chassis -- users can now test "real-world" issues like roaming speeds between 802.11 subnets in the lab. (See Azimuth Kicks Into Gear for more on the startup's technology.)

Ensuring that users can speedily move between 802.11 access points without dropping the connection is crucial if VOIP phones are to work on 802.11 networks. (See SpectraLink Seeks New Standard and Cisco's Home-Grown Roam for more on this issue.)

"Roaming is a test that needs to be done for voice-over-WiFi," notes Azimuth's CEO, Ray Cronin (see Roaming Hits Home).

The RFPM unit can also be used for other tasks, such as ensuring that different brands of wireless LAN access points, devices, and client cards work well together.

Azimuth has been adding a number of new modules that can be bolted onto its W-Series platform recently. As well as the RFPM, the firm has a new TestMAC emulation module, that can emulate up to 127 unique radio (MAC) addresses on a network.

The move takes Azimuth even further into competition with rival Communication Machinery Corp., which boasts its own dedicated 64 "Virtual Wireless Station" emulator (see Who Makes What: Business-Class Wireless LANs ).

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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