Awaiting the iPhone

11:15 AM -- LR Mobile -- like everyone else in the tech universe -- is waiting on tenterhooks today for actual, real news of a new iPhone from Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) after months of fevered speculation.

Steve Jobs typically announces the new iPhone at his morning keynote at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference every June. The keynote kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific Time today.

It seems probable that this next iPhone will be an incremental update on the 3G model. We'll likely see a revamped 3G phone with some interface updates, fresh hardware design, possibly a larger screen, and probably some more memory onboard.

It's possible that a 3G CDMA version of the phone for Verizon Wireless is still in the cards. Although AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s sudden move to tiered pricing, which starts today, tends to suggest that the operator is gearing itself up for a fresh round of iPhone customers on its 3G GSM network. (See Facebook: Future Tastemaker & Brand Builder and AT&T Unveils Mobile Data Plans.)

Other possibilities include:

  • Support for 14.4-Mbit/s HSPA+ 3G
  • A front-mounted camera for video chat
  • Interface tweaks to take better advantage of multitasking coming in the operating system update
Confusingly, although the expected iPhone is commonly referred to by the "4G" -- for fourth generation -- tag, it is unlikely to support Long Term Evolution technology. Chipset availability makes it much more likely that an LTE iPhone will arrive in 2011 or 2012.

So, what are you expecting to see from Apple today? Does the prospect of a new 3G iPhone excite, or are you holding out for an LTE version?

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— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

joset01 12/5/2012 | 4:33:13 PM
re: Awaiting the iPhone

MobileIron, which styles itself as one of Apple's closest enterprise partners, is also suggesting better integration with business software and applications on the new phone. A sign that Apple is going to aggressively go after RIM in its niche market?

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:33:12 PM
re: Awaiting the iPhone

They've apparently announced Farmville for the iPhone and/or iPad. (I'm not watching the keynote; i just glanced at Twitter at the wrong moment.)

This of course brings up big questions in policy technology. Such as: Will the iPad be smart enough to screen out really, really dumb stuff?

joset01 12/5/2012 | 4:33:12 PM
re: Awaiting the iPhone

Lots of games introduced though...

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