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A Faster Orange
Connected cars were king at CES this year. There were 10 automakers represented, along with a galaxy of supportive vendors. This orange Maserati, however, was extra-fancy.
Connected cars were king at CES this year. There were 10 automakers represented, along with a galaxy of supportive vendors. This orange Maserati, however, was extra-fancy.

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Susan Fourtané 1/28/2015 | 5:37:34 AM
Re: Autonomous cars! nasimson, 

It's not a project, or something they are thinking of doing. It's a process that has started some years ago already and by 2030 Sweden becomes the world's first cashless society.

It makes perfect sense to me as Sweden was the first to introduce banknotes in Europe in 1661. Now it's the first in getting rid of them. If you are interested in how they are doing it, you can read more here

What do you mean? Anyone who travels has debit and credit cards, they don't need cash in Sweden, plus, why would they prefer to go through the trouble of money exchange? 

nasimson 1/27/2015 | 1:03:19 PM
Re: Autonomous cars! @mhh5:

> but it's interesting to see the tech launches ahead of actual
> practical commercial usage. It's a cool example of tech leading
> the policy, instead of policy dictating the tech.

Isnt practically the Teach leading the policy in almost all cases?
nasimson 1/27/2015 | 12:48:29 PM
Re: Autonomous cars! @Susan:

> Sweden is also becoming the first cashfree country in the world
> by 2030. The process is quite advanced already.

Really. Thats would be a BIG milestone replacing something that is thousands of years old. How will they cater to tourists?
Susan Fourtané 1/20/2015 | 1:57:54 AM
Re: Autonomous cars! SachinEE, 

Both autonomous cars and drones are going to be well established elsewhere in the world sooner than most people think. Maybe then the skepticals start to look at them with different eyes.

Just think about this, if the Swedish government supports autonomous cars there has to be a good reason. Then again, Sweden is a pioneer nation. The Swedes don't wait for anyone. They simply do, which is one of the things that I most like from them. :)

Liz Greenberg 1/19/2015 | 12:39:52 AM
Re: The meaning of the bike? SachinEE I think that they are attempting to alleviate the boredom that accomapnies sitting in a closed room on a stationery bike. However, the more sophisticated ones alter the energy required by using the terrain being viewed.  From a brain connectivity perspective it is probably better...at least one would think so.
SachinEE 1/17/2015 | 1:08:38 AM
Re: Autonomous cars! " The difference with Sweden is that autonomous cars have the support of the government."

@susan: you are right. Autonomus cars have a long way to go and a long list of records to establish before it sets foot into the US soil. Everyone is skeptical about such cars.
SachinEE 1/17/2015 | 1:06:27 AM
Re: Spiders from Mars @Mitch: VR headsets would be a rage in computer games. I have a hardcore gamer friend and he was just too excited to use the OCULUS VR with his game: Skyrim. I think these headsets would set the trend for such games.
SachinEE 1/17/2015 | 12:58:48 AM
Re: The meaning of the bike? I don't understand why anybody would want to build a stationery bike with changing video scenes. Haven't these already been done? I've seen a lot of interactive games that use changing video scenes with a bike, the game that children play with. They ride the bike and sway it in order to dodge obstacles on the screen.
Liz Greenberg 1/13/2015 | 8:25:09 PM
Re: The meaning of the bike? Maybe they were trying to show how they could beat the new stationary bikes that work with Google maps to change the terrain and difficulty (and keep it more interesting)?  I wasn't there so this is really a SWAG on my part.  Check out: "Exercise Bikes with Google Maps"
R Clark 1/12/2015 | 6:51:22 AM
The meaning of the bike? Was there a point to the Ericsson bike, or was it trying to win 'most underwhelming exhibit' award?


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