Light Reading's 23 Most Popular TV Stories & Interviews of 2018

Light Reading's editors spend a lot of time pecking away at their keyboards, producing words that form the stories and insights about the mobile and telecommunications industry that you see on the site each day.

You might also have noticed that the mugs of those same editors also appeared in front of the video lens quite a bit throughout 2018, with on-camera coverage and insight from various industry events and insightful interviews with top execs.

And Light Reading's scope of video coverage throughout the year was as diverse as the industries and technologies we cover -- from the multiple facets of 5G (small cell technologies, deployment strategies and the use of millimeter wave spectrum); the promise of Graphene as a super-light wonder material; what Light Reading uncovered during its annual trek to Tel Aviv; a tour and overview of Disney's StudioLAB; how 4K and HDR are impacting the smart TV sector; and interviews with Ericsson Group's Erik Ekudden, Verizon's Shawn Hakl and former Cisco Systems exec Yvette Kanouff.

Behold! Here are the 23 (don't ask) most popular Light Reading TV stories and interviews for 2018:

  1. Infinera's Treseder: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Decisive
  2. Cisco's Tetration at UNCC
  3. Cisco's Jonathan Davidson: 5G's Software & Enterprise Networking Opportunity
  4. Boingo's Raja on How Small Cells & Virtualization Will Enable 5G
  5. Samsung on Millimeter Wave 5G for Verizon & More
  6. Graphene: The Future of the Telecommunications Industry?
  7. Ground-Breaking Tech in Tel Aviv: LR's Israel Tour 2018
  8. Why Telstra's COO Thinks Diversity of Thought Matters Most
  9. Light Reading Hall of Fame 2018
  10. Behind the Scenes at Disney's StudioLAB
  11. 5G Transport: Question Time
  12. Netflix & Sony Bet That Consumers Will Pay for 4K
  13. Reliance Jio's BCE Keynote: A Disruptive Digital Transformation
  14. MobiledgeX's Jason Hoffman: State of the Edge
  15. The Cumulus Networks Success Story
  16. #OFC2018 Recap: 600G & Beyond
  17. Ericsson CTO Talks 5G, Edge Computing & Machine Learning
  18. Cisco: Here's How 5G Accelerates Service Provider Opportunities
  19. Verizon's Glenn Wellbrock: 5G Becomes the New Home Broadband
  20. Is Nokia Ready for 5G in North America?
  21. MWC 2018: How AI Is Impacting Telecom
  22. Verizon's Hakl on 5G Rollout & Company Reorganization
  23. Unknown Document 744497

— Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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