Cisco: Fast-Evolving Enterprise Networks Create 'Huge' Telco Opportunities

Until recently, enterprise networks could remain static for years, but now new devices and the cloud require rapid evolution, creating service provider opportunities, says Scott Harrell, Cisco enterprise networking business lead.

MindCommerce 12/20/2018 | 2:03:07 PM
Enterprise and Edge Computing A very timely article, because indeed enterprise and Communication Service Providers (CSP) are going to become increasingly intertwined when it comes to Edge Computing or more specifically Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) to use the standard term from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). There is a simultaneous need for combined communications and computing engineering and planning with MEC. 

This is a big change for CSPs that normally only plan the Radio Access Network (RAN) component in isolation (or rely on their managed service providers to do so), which computing is just something that happens in the background, upstream (via Cloud Computing and remote servers) outside the carrier's infrastructure. This type of architecture will diminish in importance with MEC. 

Similarly, there will be a much closer tie between enterprise and CSPs due to MEC. This is because there will be new opportunities with MEC (and 5G) for highly localized, context oriented services. Many of these apps will rely upon local data caching and other techniques to minimize the need for back-haul (to a centralized Cloud). Local data and application related provisioning and administration may also be highly customized to the most valuable end-users to CSPs, namely enterprise customers. Accordingly, there is a new paradigm coming, one that involves a much close relationship between enterprise and CSPs.
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