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OpenSAF Issues Release 4.2

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- OpenSAF™, an open source community with projects focused on high availability (HA) middleware, today announced the public availability of Release 4.2 of its HA middleware platform. OpenSAF Release 4.2 implements all major functions of the Service Availability™ Forum (SA Forum) Application Interface Specifications (AIS) and features several enhancements from Release 4.1, which focus on improved manageability, enhanced availability modeling, the ability to support root and non-root environments for flexible system design and increased testability for both OpenSAF developers and users.

“With Release 4.2, OpenSAF continues to improve the general usability, performance and scalability of its open source, SA Forum-based middleware implementation for creating highly available systems,” said Hans Feldt, co-chair of the OpenSAF technical leadership council. “This new release addresses HA community feedback and demonstrates continued progress in the OpenSAF ecosystem.”

OpenSAF Foundation

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