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Kontron Unveils MicroTCA Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif., and ECHING, Germany -- Kontron today introduced the Kontron OM6061, a carrier grade 1U MicroTCA™ platform ideal for a wide assortment of Central Office and service aggregation point applications, ranging from SIP Servers, SSL Offload, and content-aware processing and QoS over Ethernet.

Featuring an 8-fan front-to-back cooling set-up, an integrated 360W -48V or -60V power supply and a cost optimized MCH module within in a 1U, 12.5” deep rack-mountable platform, the MicroTCA™ platform Kontron OM6061 offers six mid-size AdvancedMC™ slots for multiple system configurations. The carrier grade telecommunication platform is designed to meet NEBS and has been fully pre-tested with the cost optimized MicroTCA™ Carrier Hub Kontron AM4901, and the AdvancedMC™ modules for storage (Kontron AM4510), CPU (Kontron AM4010), and network processing (Kontron AM4204). The three remaining slots are optionally open for a redundant AMC configuration or additional AMC modules.

“This is a highly flexible platform for a 1U MicroTCA™ form factor,” said Marc Leclaire, Kontron AdvancedMC™ and MicroTCA™ product manager. “We received a good deal of early interest and already won a major design win for a final application used in a low-cost, non-redundant NEBS environment. Also of interest to equipment vendors is that the Kontron OM6061 can be populated with up to six 10 GbE Cavium-based AMC modules Kontron AM4220 for sustained traffic of up to 120 Gb/s. Moreover, this carrier grade telecommunication platform features a high speed backplane and can already support next generation AdvancedMC™ modules with PCIe Gen2 and XAUI.”

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