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Interphase Offers Blade

PLANO, Texas -- Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ: INPH), a leading international supplier of next-generation networking technologies, today announced the iNAV 74K, AdvancedTCA PowerPC processor blade product. The iNAV 74K provides up to four MPC8641D Dual Core Processors from Freescale Semiconductor and features up to 4GB of memory per processor complex, 10Gbps fabric connection to the AdvancedTCA backplane, and an independent board management computer to enable full use of the processor complexes by applications. Designed to provide the highest possible processing density on a blade, the iNAV 74K is well suited to support high-volume transaction and user-plane traffic processing required for Wireless infrastructure and IMS networks. The iNAV 74K provides a flexible and high-performance embedded processing solution, for the delivery of applications such as Radio Network Controllers, Media Gateways, Home Subscriber Servers, Short-Message Service Centres, Serving GPRS Service Node etc.

“When Interphase selected Freescale’s MPC8641D processor based on Power Architecture technology for their iNAV 74K blade product, they gained the ability to conserve board space, minimize power consumption and deliver extremely high levels of performance,” said Lynelle McKay, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Networking & Computing Systems Group. “This is an exemplary application of our technology, and the Interphase iNAV 74K provides equipment manufacturers precisely what they need to deliver outstanding products to market.”

“We are very excited to be adding the multi-core multi-processor MPC8641D product to our AdvancedTCA portfolio”, said Greg Kalush, President and CEO of Interphase Corporation. “This product demonstrates the expertise and excellence that Interphase brings to the market place and will provide our customers with a high performance compute blade for delivering advanced communications applications in the marketplace”

The iNAV 74K is an ideal platform to support new and existing applications designed for Power Architecture technology. The iNAV 74K supports complex processing of Layer 4-7 protocols and unified control-plane and host media processing using Power Architecture processing extensions. The product will allow network platforms to significantly reduce footprint, power, and cost and transition to an AdvancedTCA architecture based platform. For customers using Power Architecture technology in their legacy platform solutions, the iNAV 74K product provides a smooth transition path for application software coupled together with a significant improvement in the overall application processing performance and throughput.

Together with the extensive portfolio of network interface, communications processor, network processor and security processor AdvancedMCs and the iNAV 31K AdvancedTCA carrier card, the iNAV 74K provides a comprehensive product set to telecommunications equipment manufacturers for the delivery of a wide-range of wireless and broadband applications. The iNAV 74K is on display at the 3GSM show in Barcelona, Spain in the Interphase booth, Hall 1, 1E67. Please contact Interphase for pricing of the iNAV 74K and availability of other products.

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