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Elma Supports MicroTCA

FREMONT, Calif. -- Elma Electronic Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic packaging products, has announced a new line of MicroTCA chassis. The line will include a 4U subrack, a 7U subrack, and a 7U cube.

The first to be introduced of the MicroTCA chassis is a 4U subrack. The enclosure features front-to-rear cooling, and a 14-slot Single Star backplane. The chassis is compliant to the MicroTCA.0 Rev 1.0 specification. The unit has slots for 12 AMC modules, 1 MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MHC), and 1 power module. The chassis has high EMC shielding and a superior airflow through the card cage due to the implementation of honeycomb filter structures.

MicroTCA defines a modular backplane architecture designed to support redundant "pods" of AdvancedMC (AMC) modules. The AdvancedMC modules (AMC0/.1/.2/.3) are front removable mezzanine modules first designed to be used on AdvancedTCA cards. The MicroTCA architecture allows large arrays of AdvancedMC modules to be used in a wide array of applications where a lower cost solution is required than could be achieved by the standard AdvancedTCA architecture. The MicroTCA backplane allows single or redundant virtual carriers to provide power management, platform management and fabric connections to greater numbers of modules than a single physical carrier card could support in a classic ATCA application.

MicroTCA systems will support up to 48 single width, half height AdvancedMC modules in a 19" EIA rack or an assortment of full height modules either in single or double widths. AdvancedMC modules are targeted for such modular applications as storage arrays, firewalls, blade servers, and even home entertainment centers. Each module may dissipate between 20 and 60 watts each and the platform management scheme is designed to support applications from 99.99% to 99.999% availability.

Elma Electronic Inc.

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