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Elma Does MicroTCA

TUCKER, Georgia -- Optima EPS, an Elma Company, has announced a cabinet enclosure specifically designed for MicroTCA applications.

The modular cabinet features a stacked arrangement of open card cages, fan trays, and heat exchangers. Without top or bottom covers, the open card cages allow air to flow through multiple stacks of MicroTCA shelves. The fan trays and heat- exhangers cool the cabinet in this modular configuration. Various implementations of card cage shelves, fans, and cooling units can be configured in the cabinet.

The MicroTCA 19" cabinet is designed according to ETSI 300-119-3 with a 44U height, 750mm width, and 300mm depth. The unit accepts 10 MicroTCA single-width subracks, accepting 120 full size modules or 240 compact modules plus power modules dissipating a total of approximately 6KW in a closed loop heat exchanger concept. MicroTCA shelves are strategically interleaved with heat exchangers and fan trays. The heat exchangers require an external chiller unit. The typical shelf temperature rise is 15C while the heat exchangers are able to provide a temperature drop of approximately 15C. This solution allows for high-density cabinet packaging and provides the following advantage extreme low noise, EMI containment (at closed cabinet level) and maximum possible cable routing space/management.

Other electronic cabinet lines from Optima include a product mix of EMC, Seismic, Mil/Aero, Co-location, and Server cabinets (include a version designed specifically for AdvancedTCA). Lead-time is 2 weeks ARO.

Elma Electronic Inc.

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