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Elma Debuts Backplanes

FREMONT, Calif. -- Elma Bustronic Corporation, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes has developed several 3U CompactPCI backplanes. The backplanes come in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and several slot sizes.

The Elma Bustronic 3U line of cPCI backplanes comes in 3, 4, 6, and 8-slot sizes. The backplanes are generally 64-bit and 33 Mhz, but 32-bit and 66 Mhz versions are also available. The backplanes are compliant to the PICMG basic specification 2.0 R3.0 and PICMG Hot Swap specification 2.1 R1.0 The backplanes feature an 8-layer controlled impedance stripline design, superior power distribution, and have virtually zero crosstalk.

Elma Bustronic also offers CompactPCI backplanes in 6U heights. Configurations are available in Low Profile, EasyPlug, and EasyCable formats. The company has also recently developed a 3U CompactPCI Express backplane, which incorporate PCI Express into a high-speed design layout. Custom 3U cPCI backplanes are available as well as options such as conformal coating, special power connections, and more.

Elma Bustronic Corp.

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