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DTI Adds 10G Software

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI) announces the release of ES3 (Enhanced Switch Software Suite) for their ATS1936 AdvancedTCA Switch and corresponding support packages. The ATS1936 represents DTI’s 3rd generation of high-bandwidth, feature rich switches for AdvancedTCA. DTI has successfully deployed this switch in many environments, ranging from telecom central offices to military battlefields. The new ES3 software significantly enhances the functionality of the ATS1936 over any AdvancedTCA switch offering currently on the market, and comes with three available tiers of support packages.

“From enhancements to existing features like Spanning Tree Protocol and IPv6 to significant new features such as L2 Failover and IGMP querying, this new ES3 software represents Diversified Technology’s commitment to provide a superior product with superior support”, said JP Landry, DTI’s Networking Program Manager. http://www.dtims.com/images/misc/spacer.gifhttp://www.dtims.com/images/misc/spacer.gifhttp://www.dtims.com/images/misc/spacer.gif “In addition to the new software, our customers now have the ability to select from three levels of DTI’s support packages to service their end-users with exactly what the individual programs require”, said Tom Witt, DTI’s SVP of Business Development. “The ES3 stacks and our support structure ensure that the functionality our customers desire is met, and ultimately exceeds their expectations.”

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