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CorEdge Demos 802.3ar

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Celestica, a world leader in electronics manufacturing services (EMS), and CorEdge Networks, a leader in ATCA/MicroTCA-compliant chips, boards, and IPMI software, will demonstrate a pre-standard IEEE 802.3ar network in an xTCA compliant form at Globalcomm 2006 in Chicago.

The system, featuring CorEdge Networks' MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), MicroTCA Power Module, 10Gbps AdvancedMC line card and multi-protocol 10Gbps bridge silicon, and Celestica's Bell Bay 10GbE ATCA Carrier Card using Fujitsu's 10GE switching fabric chips, is designed to address two industry next-generation requirements:

  • ATCA and MicroTCA compatibility (on a combined basis, xTCA), which most telecommunication equipment manufacturers (TEMs) are adopting for their next-generation architectures.
  • The need for 10Gbps wirespeed congestion management for each millions of flows in order to deliver high-performance, scalable and manageable systems across the network. This effort is being addressed by the IEEE 802.3ar subcommittee.

With a goal of supporting these efforts, CorEdge Networks, Celestica and Fujitsu, along with other companies participating in future designs, partnered to create a pre-standard implementation of wirespeed flow control, using xTCA form factors. The goal of this effort was to create a commercial off the shelf (COTS) implementation for this kind of equipment using ATCA-compliant equipment at the network core, and MicroTCA equipment at the edges, with AdvancedMC cards used ubiquitously.

Celestica Inc. (NYSE, Toronto: CLS)

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