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Continuous Joins IMS Forum

SAN DIEGO -- Continuous ComputingR, global provider of integrated systems and services that enable telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) to rapidly deploy Next Generation Networks (NGN), today announced the company is a full member of the IMS ForumR, the industry's only association dedicated to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) application and service interoperability certification. Continuous Computing also announced today that the company successfully completed interoperability testing of reference Call State Control Function (CSCF) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) applications based on integrated TrilliumR SIP and Diameter protocol software at IMS PlugFest(TM) III.

"The IMS Forum is committed to advancing IMS applications and interoperability," said Michael Khalilian, IMS Forum Chairman. "With nearly 20 years of experience developing standards-based telecommunications software, Continuous Computing is very valuable member and contributor to the interoperability and standardization of IMS. We are also glad to have Continuous Computing as a part of our Plugfest III IMS applications and services interoperability."

IMS PlugFest III, which was hosted by the IMS Forum on October 15-19, 2007 in New Hampshire is an interoperability event designed to certify and standardize IMS services and applications. Continuous Computing's CSCF and HSS reference applications were both successfully tested and proven to be interoperable in an end-to-end IMS network, thereby reducing the risk and complexity of IMS product development for IMS vendors. Continuous Computing's Trillium "NGN-Ready" SIP and Diameter protocol software is completely compliant with the latest IMS standards, as verified through participation in the IMS PlugFest III, as well as third party box testing.

"Continuous Computing is committed to participating in global standards bodies, and the IMS Forum is a terrific organization in particular because IMS is such an exciting and promising market," said Mike Dagenais, chief executive officer at Continuous Computing. "We are pleased with the results at the IMS Plugfest and intend to continue to fully support true application interoperability to advance the success of IMS networks."

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