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AT&T U-verse Suffers Nationwide Outage

AT&T's U-verse broadband service is currently suffering a nationwide outage, a technician confirmed Monday morning.

The carrier has yet to confirm the outage in a statement or on its social media sites, but a call into AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s support center confirmed U-verse is down across the country. A support representative said that most reports indicate limited web functions are working, but browsing is stalled and web pages won't load.

She also offered this reporter a credit once the outage is resolved, although had no timeline on when that might happen. According to several tweets, the outage has been going on for at least the past seven hours.

This isn't the first outage AT&T's broadband service has experienced. In fact, it's one of several this month alone. How a service provider handles its customers and explains an outage like this often goes a long way in helping -- or hurting -- its reputation. (See AT&T U-verse Website Outage, AT&T Confirms U-verse 'Issue', AT&T Faces Backlash Over U-verse Outage, AT&T Says U-verse Is Back Online, and The Big Deal About Small Outages.)

[UPDATE: AT&T's official statement on the outage was that it only affected a "limited number of AT&T customers across multiple states" due to a third-party web hosting service issue. The Down Detector site, which tracks outages and technology failures, shows U-Verse outages in several parts of California, Texas, New York, Chicago, Missouri, and several other states. Complaints to AT&T peaked at 1,091, a relatively large number for residential use in the morning of a work day. (See AT&T Remedies U-Verse Broadband Outage.)]

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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rowenabcherry 4/7/2014 | 11:45:15 AM
UVerse Down UVerse TV is down in Michigan
Mwat0811 4/6/2014 | 6:13:57 PM
Re: Back in business They have given a time frame of 24 hours twice now, because they missed it the first time. If you look at downdetector.com you will see multiple cities down across the U.S., Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, New York, Atlanta, etc...
Sarah Thomas 4/6/2014 | 2:23:16 PM
Re: Back in business Wow, a two-day outage is pretty bad. I can't find anything about it online. Have they updated you yet? I'd expect a big credit for this. I believe they offer $35 per day, but if it's broadband and TV, I'd ask for more. Keep us posted!
Mwat0811 4/6/2014 | 12:07:50 PM
Re: Back in business I see this thread is from January 2014. Today is April 6 2014 and Uverse has been out since Friday the 4th. No TV no Internet, no answers. They are saying nothing in respects to when service is to be restored all they are saying is that they have a massive outage. I am in the Kansas City area. They need to communicate updates. Google Fiber is looking more attractive now.
Sarah Thomas 1/27/2014 | 2:55:46 PM
Re: Back in business True, athough losing all my DVRed shows after being out of town for a week was pretty devastating. I ended up falling asleep on the couch to a black screen with a big red 'x' on it. :)
MarkC73 1/27/2014 | 2:51:35 PM
Re: Back in business Hah at least you got a call back, just kidding, everyone knows that if I don't have internet, I'm not staying.  TV I can live without for a day or two, but if there's no internet I'm moving, heck I'll go into work if I have to.  Ok, that's not true, I don't need internet while I'm eating or drinking, or on vacation.  But I do too much of the first two and not enough of the last.
Sarah Thomas 1/27/2014 | 2:45:11 PM
Re: Even a Quick Resolution May Not Be Enough I bet they are much more likely to do that when they can blame a third party, like today's "third-party web hosting service."
Sarah Thomas 1/27/2014 | 2:43:43 PM
Re: Back in business They don't at all. I usually ride them out, but I work at home so couldn't today. She did call to tell me when service was restored, but only because I called in.
sam masud 1/27/2014 | 2:27:57 PM
Re: Even a Quick Resolution May Not Be Enough Sarah,

What might help, at least in terms of PR, is if these companies would come clean when they problems like this. Who are they trying to hide things from? After all, AT&T's subs know there is/was a problem.

MarkC73 1/27/2014 | 2:27:13 PM
Re: Back in business I agree that's a long time without saying anything, how does ATT normally communicate with you on outages? (webpage,call in, local news/radio etc)
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