AT&T Peddles Ice Cream

3:00 PM -- Telecom giants AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) and Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) have figured out that the best way to sell to a family is to appeal to its impressionable child. The Hartford Courant reports:

    Leslie Spiars, with help from a chrome-wheeled ice cream truck, is on the front line of AT&T's efforts to sell TV service in Connecticut.

    Her sales territory consists of Little League fields, train stations and suburban cul-de-sacs. With music playing, the truck stops and a door opens on the side to reveal a flat-screen TV showing programming from U-verse, AT&T's answer to cable television.

So... A stranger lures in your children by showing them what's inside the cool truck. Ah, a parent's dream! Sign me up for U-verse, stat!

Similarly, Verizon recently came out with a commercial for FiOS that shows an inquisitive child alone on a sidewalk, complimenting the FiOS rep on his "nice truck."

Thus, from AT&T and Verizon we gather the following moral: Children, forget all you have learned about strangers in trucks... so long as they are harboring telecom services and ice cream and not puppies and candy.

— Red Panda, "I Know My First Name Is Steven," Light Reading

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