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AT&T Could Still Have Options in T-Mobile Bid

10:15 AM -- AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) would be able to reduce its US$39 billion bid for T-Mobile US Inc. if regulators' concession demands become too costly, according to a Bloomberg report on Wednesday morning.

The article reveals new details about the merger contract between AT&T and T-Mobile, which, if correct, could provide options for a deal to go ahead in some form following lawsuits from the U.S. Department of Justice and Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) to block the merger. (See DoJ Blocks AT&T/T-Mobile Merger and AT&T & T-Mobile: Sprint Sues, DT Confirms $3B Fee.)

Reportedly, if regulators require AT&T and T-Mobile to sell assets worth more than 20 percent of the acquistion's $39 billion value -- that is, $7.8 billion -- then AT&T would be able to cut its original offer for T-Mobile. If the asset sales required are worth more than 40 percent of the deal's value, then AT&T could pay T-Mobile's parent Deutsche Telekom a $3 billion in cash breakup fee, according to the report.

The article marks a new plot twist in this mobile mega-merger. But more of the story will unfold later this month when AT&T and the Department of Justice meet in court on Sept. 21 to discuss "the prospects for settlement," according to this separate Bloomberg report.

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— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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