Astral Point Enhances Crossconnect

CHELMSFORD, Mass. -- Astral Point Communications, Inc. said today it is now shipping a second interface module for its ON 5000 Optical Services Node that can further reduce the cost of deploying and provisioning voice services by local service providers. The new STS-1 Transmultiplexer module complements Astral Point's 3/1/0 switching capability announced in August 2000, which gives carriers an alternative to the traditional large, centralized digital cross-connect systems (DCS) by distributing this functionality throughout the network.

"Voice and leased-line services continue to dominate the service providers' revenue streams. That forces them to balance the continued support of these services using credible technology with the desire to support growth in packet-based service revenues. Astral Point's Transmultiplexer represents an excellent response to this service provider balancing act, and a strong product for consideration by both incumbent and emerging carriers," Tom Nolle, president of CIMI, Corp., a leading telecommunications consulting firm, stated.

Astral Point Communications Inc.
Opto-Prozac 12/4/2012 | 8:31:07 PM
re: Astral Point Enhances Crossconnect This product is a joke. It hardly exists to begin with. A weak access play offering STS-1 functionality on the low end. This is only on a card basis, not on a centralized switch fabric.

Buh-bye AP!
kingman1 12/4/2012 | 8:31:06 PM
re: Astral Point Enhances Crossconnect I do agree..Bad chip picks for timing, oversize chassis...etc..etc...
All we need is the silent-XXX (aka BM) to give his usual ra ra..
Go learn something from Desh
barniclebill 12/4/2012 | 8:31:05 PM
re: Astral Point Enhances Crossconnect Keep guessing. silent mariner isn't BM. I agree one should take cues from Desh's playbook as I have.
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