The 5 Stages of Dropping Your Smartphone Down the Toilet

There's really no need for an introduction to this slideshow. You know exactly what you're about to witness. We've all been there. We've all done it -- perhaps multiple times. Strangely, we never learn.

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Stage 1: Insane Panic
'I just dropped my phone in this dirty bar toilet. I just drowned my phone. Oh, my God, I am going to get so many germs, and my phone is ruined, and so is my life.'
"I just dropped my phone in this dirty bar toilet. I just drowned my phone. Oh, my God, I am going to get so many germs, and my phone is ruined, and so is my life."

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DOShea 2/13/2014 | 9:14:18 PM
Re: Never happened to me I've dropped my phone into the toilet, but a few months ago it slipped out of my front shirt pocket and landed in my 13-month-old son's soiled diaper, which I had just opened while changing him. I froze for a second, just long enough for him to grab it, but I managed to intercept it before he put it in his mouth, I used disinfectant wipes on it to the point where I thought it might no longer work, but everything turned out ok.

This is nowhere near the worst diaper story to come out of our household.
Mitch Wagner 2/13/2014 | 6:46:44 PM
Re: Never happened to me Last time I was in New York, I saw several young women carrying cell phones in brightly colored cases, halfway-sticking-out of the tiny back pockets of their tiny jeans. I thought of a game: "Nincompoop or Undercover Cop Decoy?"
Mitch Wagner 2/13/2014 | 6:45:08 PM
Re: Never happened to me That's a good question. Why do women drop their cell phones in the toilet more often than men do. Simple anatomy indicates that men should be the ones dropping cell phones in toilets more frequently. 

Is it true that women drop more cell phones in toilets than men? Has anyone done a study?
Ariella 2/13/2014 | 5:03:44 PM
Re: Splashback @Paul Ha, I should try that. My kids make fun of my old-fashioned phone.
Kruz 2/13/2014 | 11:25:53 AM
Re: Splashback hahaha. I'd say that's a feature in a featureless phone.

By how about beer guys? How many times have you spilled your drink on your phone?
PaulERainford 2/13/2014 | 10:26:22 AM
Splashback I dropped my seen-better-days featurephone down the toilet and the toilet spat it back out in disgust.
Sarah Thomas 2/13/2014 | 8:36:34 AM
Re: Yes, it happened to me and my phone still works I do have two friends (friends, not me, I swear) that dropped their phones in toilets. One didn't even know it. Thought she lost hers and broke her toilet independently but didn't realize it was in the toilet until the plumber came.

I did one time toss my friend's phone to her, only to have it miss, bounce off the couch and right into a small cup of water. Random, freak accident! Death by drowning is just the worst for a phone.
redface 2/13/2014 | 4:14:34 AM
Yes, it happened to me and my phone still works Actually it happened to me twice, first with an iphone 4, and recently with a HTC One.  The iphone 4 has excellent design, so water only got into the earphone jack and no damage was done.


The HTC One on the other hand was not well designed when it comes to water.  Water got into everywhere.  I implemented several ways according to web search.  In the end, the best way was just to leave it in the open for several days (a week) would work fine.  Eventually even the moisture in the camera got out completely.  I got my phone back.  
[email protected] 2/13/2014 | 3:34:13 AM
Missed a stage.... I just realized we missed a stage....

Once it's down the toilet, there's the time (maybe a split second or longer) when you deliberate how to get it out -- immediate plunge of the hand? Or try some complex and probably futile action with a toilet brush or other implement that is not covered with your skin... 
ScottEStewart0101 2/12/2014 | 4:38:10 PM
Re: Never happened to me Nah.. I think I'm good. 


The last person that dropped one in the leu kept her phone in her back pocket of her blue jeans. Seems like an instant fall out of pocket > into toilet scenario to me. 

Not to mention cracking the screen by sitting on the phone. Guys seem to keep their phones in cargo pockets or front pockets. I have known a guy that cracked his Galaxy S3 by leaning over a pool table. 

I've also never cracked a phone screen. Some people are hard on their stuff :-D
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