Spectrum Storm in India

10:50 AM -- The ongoing accusations surrounding the mishandled award of 2G spectrum more than two years ago are becoming a big embarrassment for India's telecom minister, A Raja, who has today made it clear that he will refuse to resign from his post despite mounting political pressure, reports the Times of India.

During the past two years, the minister has been repeatedly accused of handing out 2G spectrum to the new operators in 2008 at a throwaway price, leading to a loss of a potential 1,760 billion Indian rupees (US$39.34 billion) to the exchequer. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India recently accused the telecom minister of being personally responsible for the issue of spectrum at a cheap rate. (See India Auction Fever.)

The minister has a history of surviving in spite of difficult circumstances. But then again, things have never been quite this bad for him before.

— Gagandeep Kaur, India Editor, Light Reading

Vishnu Goel 12/5/2012 | 4:18:36 PM
re: Spectrum Storm in India

Current concerns in the Press how the vital and scarce resource of Spectrum is not managed properly,are really an outfall of much deeper malaise in Telecom Sector.The technological and technical aspects are in the shadow of the high profile discussions.

An efficient and effective management requires the Spectrum to be monitored almost real time and this data is to be fed to some sort of "CRM interface" so that the need for allocation and fresh bands is accounted for.Monitoring Organisation does this job and they have a system procured through the World Bank.

Perhaps we need to check whether this system is working effectively and the MO/WB have really served the needs of the DoT effectively.Since this system is meant for all users in the country including Defense , its output is vital and critical for operation as well as Policy planning.Perhaps it is  time  we checked out if the bureaucrats in those places used this effectively? Vishnu Goel T&M +919810101238  

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