RIM to Comply in India

8:30 AM -- India's BlackBerry users may just have benefited from the ban imposed on BlackBerry 's services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. (See BlackBerry Jam in UAE )

In the wake of the UAE ban, RIM has agreed to allow the Indian intelligence agencies to monitor its various services, reports The Economic Times.

According to the report, the company has agreed to share technical codes for corporate email services, open up access to all consumer emails within 15 days, as well as develop tools within six to eight months that will enable the monitoring of instant messaging.

The Indian authorities have been seeking cooperation from RIM for some time, but until now the BlackBerry firm had resisted. However, the stakes are high for RIM in India, as it controls almost the entire corporate mobile email market in India, so any kind of ban or service restriction would be very damaging.

At the beginning of July, the Indian authorities reportedly gave RIM a 15-day deadline to ensure its email traffic, as well as other data services, complied with formats that can be read by the country's intelligence agencies. Now, it seems, an agreement may have been reached. (See Security Storm in India and India May Crack BlackBerry Encryption .)

The crackdown on BlackBerry traffic is just one communications security measure being taken by the Indian government. The Department of Telecommunications has just issued amendments to the Unified Access Services Licenses held by the country's network operators in an effort to resolve the current public wide-area network security concerns. (See India Clears Way for Chinese Imports.)

— Gagandeep Kaur, India Editor, Light Reading

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