LG on a Wing and a prayer

Thanks to some leaked video clips uploaded to YouTube by Android Authority, more details emerged about the tentatively named "LG Wing," a soon-to-be-launched 5G smartphone from South Korea's LG Electronics. (Other names churning in the rumor mill are LG Horizontal and LG Swing.)

Sporting two screens, the device takes on a wing shape when the smaller one is rotated – or pivoted – sideways. The rotation is not done on a central axis, point out the eagle-eyed, as this would give the device a "plus" sign shape. This video below, although only a few seconds long, gives a good sense of the look and feel of the device.

Two other short video clips show "LG Wing" being put through its paces: One has the device attached above a car's dashboard, with the main screen dedicated for navigation and the other for calls and music; and another video shows "LG Wing" in mobile-gaming mode.

As far as Light Reading can gather from online comments made by mobile gaming enthusiasts, the dual-screen capability is broadly welcomed. It means that valuable real estate on the main screen in landscape mode is not chewed up by the map showing progress of the game, which is instead displayed on the smaller second screen.

Questions unanswered
How much the new device will cost, when (and where) it will become available, and chipset suppliers remain a mystery.

These questions may be answered on September 14, however. That's when LG intends to kick off its so-called Explorer Project, which, hints a 30-second promotional video, will include the unveiling of the new dual-screen smartphone.

The Explorer Project, which apparently involves teaming up with "platform partners and industry innovators," is aimed at developing innovative device designs that "focus on consumer lifestyles." The South Korean firm flagged LG Velvet as an example of this kind of smartphone innovation.

The biggest and most important unanswered question, though, is the extent of market acceptance – especially if the new device carries a hefty price tag.

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— Ken Wieland, contributing editor, special to Light Reading

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