II-VI extends ion implanter disk refurbishing services to Asia

SAXONBURG, Pa. – II-VI Incorporated (Nasdaq: IIVI), the world's largest ion implant foundry with disk refurbishing services, today announced that it will extend its ion implanter disk refurbishing services to Asia, with a multimillion-dollar expansion in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, which is expected to come online in July 2022.

The acute shortages of semiconductor devices in the global supply chain are driving the strong demand for refurbishment of wafer fabrication equipment. The expansion in Taiwan will effectively double II-VI's global disk refurbishing capacity. Batch implanter tool owners in Asia will benefit from a rapid turnaround service that will enable them to maintain their tools in operation and sustain their production output.

As a leading global provider of foundry ion implantation services and support, II-VI implants tens of thousands of wafers per week and adds tools and capacity as required to support customers' changing needs. II-VI's world-class technical expertise, rigorous quality program, and broad range of tooling offer a powerful and flexible outsourcing option for ion implantation, serving production manufacturing and R&D environments. II-VI maintains a large complement of high- and medium-current and high-energy production implanters handling 2-inch to 12-inch substrates. II-VI provides ion implantation services for silicon and compound semiconductor wafers, including heated ion implantation for silicon carbide wafers.

Read the full press release here.

II-VI Incorporated

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