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Used-parts supplier TXO is thriving amid the crisis

A small UK company that buys and sells used network parts is catching the attention of operators dealing with inflation, supply constraints and geopolitics.

What’s the story? Open RAN, semiconductor markets marred by supply chain, geopolitical dustups

Despite the flexibility that open RAN promises from an equipment and technology standpoint, supply chain speed bumps plus geopolitical factors are presenting new challenges to that market, Light Reading's Iain Morris explained on the podcast.

Does Jio's gamble on 700MHz give it an advantage over Airtel?

Analysts believe that it gives the operator a significant advantage since the 700MHz band is required to launch 5G standalone.

India's 5G market dashes early hope for open RAN, local vendors

Contracts awarded so far have gone to the Nordic and South Korean giants with zero mention of open RAN.

Taiwan crisis another blow to the supply chain

The exercise involves more than 100 aircraft and ten warships, including ships that crossed the median line, the de facto maritime boundary with Taiwan.

After KDDI failure, SoftBank backs inter-carrier roaming

KDDI's network went down for 61 hours, denying connectivity to 30.9mn people and prompting Communications Minister Yasushi Kaneko to promise an inquiry.

China Broadnet to complete 700 MHz 5G rollout by year-end

China's smallest network has already achieved huge scale by global standards, with 200,000 basestations deployed in 2021 and 280,000 expected in 2022.

The West's RAN supply chain and the goal of freedom from China

Open RAN players deny sanctions on China have had any impact on their activities as Ericsson and Nokia cut exposure.

Telstra brought easily to heel in 5G Optus rumpus

Australia's biggest telco promptly bows to ACCC pressure and deregisters 900MHz sites to pave way for faster 5G rollout by rival.

5G deals promise to change vendor landscape in India

Samsung's loss is Ericsson's gain, while the Indian government's push to use home grown technology in the country's telecoms infrastructure is overlooked.

The great handset downturn

The weak handset market might be a good time to defocus from consumer 5G. Not only is demand soft, there is little in the device pipeline to excite take-up.

Secretive 1&1 faces surging costs for German open RAN rollout

One of Europe's biggest investors in open RAN is about to feel the cost impact of its risky project.

After de-Russification, SecurityGen bids to de-risk 5G

Dismayed by geopolitics, executives at Positive Technologies bought the telco arm from its Russian parent and are now targeting 5G operators globally.

Another revival package for India's BSNL

As part of the revival package, INR330 billion ($4.15 billion) of statutory dues will be converted into equity.

US gets chip war chest as China probe sidelines industry chief

The US campaign to recharge its chip sector and reduce its China exposure has hit a big milestone with the passage of the $52.7 billion CHIPS Act.

Intel boss under fire after disastrous results

The chipmaker reports a sharp drop in sales and swings to a net loss, blaming an economic downturn while admitting to poor execution.

Apple's rich fanboys pump up the iPhone sales

The world's most obscenely rich electronics company defies talk of economic trouble to report growth in sales and gross profit.

Aust NBN: Govt rejects new price plan, rules out privatization

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland said that the offer would lead to some price increases of up to 3% above inflation and was "not acceptable."

Google still losing money on cloud, and a talent war won't help

In stark contrast to AWS and Microsoft, Google generates no profits from its cloud business, and competition is intensifying.

Open RAN so easy to hack it's 'scary,' says top security boffin

Karsten Nohl examined a handful of 5G networks and found they were riddled with vulnerabilities, he told an event in the Netherlands this week.

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