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Aruba Secures With Sygate

Enterprise 802.11 LAN startup Aruba Wireless Networks is once again toughening up its security, this time using software from Sygate Technologies Inc. to delve deeper into the murky hard drives of clients on the network.

Aruba has added Sygate’s Client Integrity software to its switch. The software is intended to allow managers to control "unmanaged" clients that aren't known to the network.

When an unmanaged client first logs onto the network, it is directed to a Webpage where the Sygate software is downloaded. The software can then check things like what virus protection the machine is running. So how is this different from the wireless “quarantine” systems operated by Aruba and many of its rivals in the 802.11 market? (See Aruba Creates Security Sandbox.)

Jon Green, director of product marketing at Aruba, says Sygate adds some crucial capabilities. For example, a network administrator could see when a client last ran a virus scan, blocking the client if it's been, say, longer than 14 days.

Sygate also notes the software can be helpful in a number of different vertical applications -- healthcare, for instance. If a visiting specialist accesses a patient's records while a guest on a hospital network, the software can be set up to ensure that the records on the client device are destroyed when the doctor logs off that particular network.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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