The Impact of AI on Jobs: Some Non-Linear Thinking

It's always the elephant in the room when the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is raised, whether in small or large groups of people -- the impact on jobs.

That's pretty much the case for any industry vertical, including telecoms -- here's a selection of Light Reading coverage of the topic from the past year or so:

So how should we be thinking about this topic in a non-sensationalist way? Mark Beccue, principal analyst and member of the Artificial Intelligence and User Interface Technologies team at market research firm Tractica (a sister research outfit to Light Reading), has answered this question in a very insightful article that highlights the need to focus on non-linear, abstract thinking: Crucially, he notes that such thinking is not limited to a niche set of jobs.

Check out his article, Outsmarting AI for Jobs.

Beccue will also feature in the line-up at the forthcoming Telco AI Summit Europe in London if you wanted to join me in asking him more about this vital topic.

— Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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AnnaMike 3/15/2020 | 7:18:02 AM
Machine vs Man is never going to be equal I have read the opinion shared by you both and I would like to add something from my side to the topic here. Like morris said Artificial Intelligence (AI) has it's own limits and it's never going to be similar to things done by individuals. I really laughed seeing the mentioning of cleaning the house or cooking the foods, because I'm working as a professional trainer to provide maids with proper guidance to do their job. If people are looking forward to get the robots to do it, then I going to lose my job..Lol.


Anna M

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