MWC 2019: 5G's AI Power Struggle

5G will usher in an AI power struggle between the mobile operators and the web services giants, predicts Aditya Kaul, research director focused on artificial intelligence and robotics at Tractica.

DavidSanders 2/15/2019 | 10:13:46 PM
Another Ridiculous Take on 5G Maybe the safest way to make a poor argument is to make it so convoluted and with premisses that make so little sense, that you challenge the reader to even conceive of a reply. The argument seems to be that with 5G the operators will have enough processing power at the base station to run AI algorithms. What does it have to do with AI? Why not any software. This processing power would come from a data center at the base station. What does that have to do with 5G? Why can't the operators put in a ridiculous data center at a 4G site? Why would an operator put a data center at a site? The operators HAVE data centers by the way, but Google doesn't run on them. So the operators for some unknown reason and at great expense put a data center at every site. Whose AI software runs at that data center? Verizon Maps, Sprint social networking, T-Mobile facial recognition? What is this guy talking about? One of the logical threads is that the low latency if 5G will encourage this. That's the exact opposite. If the latency is so low, you can have the data center anywhere! I would say that this is the most outrageous article I've read about 5 G, but really it's tied with thousands of other ones.
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