ARRIS Inks Cox Deal on Telephony Gear

ARRIS Inc. announced that Cox Communications has signed a letter of intent (LOI) renewing an existing agreement between the companies to continue deploying ARRIS Cornerstone Constant Bit Rate (CBR) telephony equipment. The gear supports Cox's continuing deployment of circuit-switched cable telephone services. Additionally, the LOI outlines Cox's intent to purchase ARRIS Touchstone Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapters (E-MTAs) as it transitions to VoIP in new and future deployment markets. ARRIS is currently the leading supplier of circuit-switched cable phone gear and the industry's number-two supplier of E-MTAs. The Cox win also benefits Texas Instruments, the silicon and software supplier for ARRIS' E-MTA products. TI is currently the leading provider of DOCSIS chips, DSPs and voice software for PacketCable E-MTAs.
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