ArrayComm Switches Heads

High-speed wide-area wireless equipment provider ArrayComm Inc. has reshuffled its management board, with seminal leader Martin Cooper stepping down from his post as CEO.

Cooper -- the man credited with inventing the cellphone (see Many Happy Return Calls! and Martin Cooper - The Spectrum Avenger) -- is to hand control to existing COO Sam Endy with immediate effect.

“The kind of things he wants to do here are not really in total alignment with the types of responsibilities a CEO has,” says director of marketing Steven Glapa.

Despite the move, the company insists Cooper isn’t about to pack his bags and jet off to exotic climes just yet. “He will continue to play a very significant management role within the company as chairman of the board,” explains Glapa. “It will be a day-to-day role and more focused on the strategic side of the business and the statesmanship that is involved in getting ArrayComm’s name out there. He will be very active.”

The marketing man reveals the move has drawn to an end a lengthy search for a man up to the task of replacing the unofficial Granddaddy of Wireless. “The board and Martin have been looking for a CEO for some time and a number of candidates have come through over the last couple of years, but there has been a growing recognition of the work Sam has done. The operator experience he has is exactly what we need right now as we move into our next phase.”

Today’s switch is not the first reorganization the company has undertaken this year -- in May Unstrung reported on an undisclosed number of job cuts as part of a corporate restructure (see ArrayComm Cuts Jobs). “We have no future plans in terms of significant changes,” assures Glapa.

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

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