ArrayComm Cuts Jobs

High-speed wide-area wireless equipment provider ArrayComm Inc. has confirmed that it is planning to make an undisclosed number of job cuts over the next few months, as part of a corporate reorganization.

It appears that the hammer will largely fall on the firm's engineers, who, it seems, have done their job too well. "Major elements of the foundation engineering effort on iBurst are complete, and we’re also tightening the organization in some other areas," Katie Juran, director of corporate communications at ArrayComm told Unstrung. "The final layoff numbers haven’t been determined yet, and they will be happening over the course of several months." ArrayComm currently has a live iBurst system running in Sydney, Australia (see ArrayComm Goes Live in Oz). The firm's technology is different from standard 3G systems because it uses "unpaired" spectrum that enables one communications channel to be used for both upstream and downstream traffic. Traditional 3G systems use two separate channels for sending traffic back and forth, which eats up more bandwidth.

ArrayComm, which was started in 1992, competes with rival offerings from the likes of Flarion Technologies, IPWireless Inc., and Navini Networks Inc. — Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

joset01 12/5/2012 | 12:04:36 AM
re: ArrayComm Cuts Jobs That's all the details they're giving out. Stayed tuned...

DJ Unstrung
lrmobile_castro 12/5/2012 | 12:04:36 AM
re: ArrayComm Cuts Jobs are these across the board? are they focused on intellicell or i-burst development?
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