NFV (Network functions virtualization)

Arista Intros Datacenter Apps With VMWare, Microsoft

SAN FRANCISCO -- Arista Networks today announced three new network applications that integrate with Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS), the world’s most advanced network operating system, to simplify IT operations: OpenWorkload, Smart System Upgrade, and Network Telemetry. Leveraging a fully programmable network operating system, Arista EOS, these network applications and associated partner ecosystems bring a new level of awareness to critical applications in the datacenter.

The three new Arista EOS applications are:

  • OpenWorkload -- simplified networking for virtualized and cloud environments. Enables a distributed system of network switches to support truly mobile workloads. Arista and VMware collaborated to enable Arista EOS switches to seamlessly integrate with VMware NSX™, the platform for network virtualization, to provide hardware-based gateway services for non-virtualized servers and existing VLANs. Arista is also integrating with OpenStack and other orchestration platforms to provide automated provisioning, stateful workload portability, and total workload visibility.

  • Smart System Upgrade -- reducing the burden caused by network upgrades, minimizing application downtime, and reducing the risks taken during critical change controls. Provides a fully customizable suite of features that tightly couples datacenter infrastructure partners, such as Microsoft, F5, and Palo Alto Networks. Microsoft’s Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) allows devices to be seamlessly taken out or put into service. This helps customers stay current on the latest software releases without unnecessary downtime or systemic outages.

  • Network Telemetry -- a new model for faster troubleshooting from fault detection to fault isolation. Streams data about network state, including both underlay and overlay network statistics, to applications from Splunk, ExtraHop, Corvil, and Riverbed. With critical infrastructure information exposed to the application layer, issues can be proactively avoided.

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